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Globe GS30 Food Scale Troubleshooting

Picture - Globe GS30 Food Scale Troubleshooting

Globe GS30 food scales allow operators to weigh and price foods accurately and efficiently. Although this model is top-notch, issues can still occur on occasion. If you need help with a unit, this Globe GS30 food scale troubleshooting guide will help you identify and resolve issues quickly and easily.

These instructions are for the GS30 and GS30T models.

Cannot Enter A Tare Weight Through the Keyboard

  • Format isn’t recognized - Enter a tare weight that ends in the smallest division of scale weight.

Scale Is Not On, And There Are No Displays Or Beeps

  • Scale isn’t “ON” - Turn scale “ON.”

Scale Is On, But There Are No Displays Or Beeps

  • Scale is unplugged - Plug the scale into an outlet.
  • Main fuse is blown - Unplug the scale and check the fuse. If there’s a problem with the main fuse, call an electrician to replace it.

Scale Is On, There Are No Displays, But Buzzer Goes Off Continuously

  • Weigh platter is mounted incorrectly - Make sure the weigh platter is mounted on the scale correctly.
  • Objects are touching the weigh platter - Check to see if any objects are touching the platter from above, the side or below.
  • Scale is out of calibration - Scale may be out of calibration due to overload or shock load. Contact a technician to service the unit.

Reading Is Unstable 

  • Objects are touching the weigh platter - Check to make sure nothing is touching the weigh platter from above, below or the side.
  • Scale is not level - First, see if the scale is on a level surface. If the surface is level but the scale isn’t, adjust the feet to level the unit. 
  • Air is flowing around the unit - If there are noticeable air currents around the unit, place the unit in a different location.
  • The mounting surface is unstable - If the mounting surface is vibrating or unstable, place the unit on a more stable surface.

For more information on maintaining and troubleshooting your Globe scale, refer to our extensive library of Globe manuals online.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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