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How to Adjust Commercial Oven Door Hinges

Technician adjusting the oven door hinge - How to adjust commercial oven door hinges

If the hinges of the oven door stop working correctly, the door won’t close properly, and heat keeps escaping from spaces of the door, decreasing the work efficiency of the oven. The door hinges can start performing poorly due to uneven placement of hinges or any bent or defect in the structure of hinges. So, proper hinge adjustment of commercial oven doors is necessary to keep them functioning correctly. But, how to adjust oven door hinges? The purpose of this article is to answer this question.

Below is a step-by-step procedure to adjust the hinges of a commercial oven door:

Commercial Oven Door Hinges Adjustment Procedure

Hinge adjustment of commercial oven doors is a very easy process. All you need is to be careful during the process. Oven doors, even on the outside can get extremely hot. Be sure to cool down the oven before proceeding, and wear gloves when possible to prevent injury from pinch points. 

  • First of all, start adjusting the top hinge and remove the bolts that connect the oven to the hinges. Loosen the bolts which are present on the side of the oven, not to the oven door.
  • Then start rotating the hinges in an outward and inward direction and keeping the hinges in a parallel position. Meanwhile, tighten up the bolt’s back.
  • To adjust the bottom hinge, first, get off door weight from the bottom hinge. For that, place a screwdriver in between the space where both top hinges join and connect. When you rightly place the screwdriver, the door would automatically get off, Now remove the bottom hinge.

The next step is to fix the oven door catch. The catch is a metal bar used to lock the door tightly during the hinge adjustment process.

There is a proper protocol to fix the oven door catch.

  • Keep the oven door open until the door handle is close to catch. Then loosen up the bolts of the latch, which connects the latch to the oven.
  • Hold the catch side by side to the oven until the bolt head aligns with a roller.
  • Keep balancing the catch upwards and downwards so that all the space between the handle of the oven door and the mouth of the catch becomes clear. 
  • While holding the catch, tighten up the bolts.
  • Now check the door by swinging it towards the catch and mark the points at the catch where the door got stuck.
  • Lastly, hold the catch and tighten up the bolts again.