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How to Clean a Beer Tap

Beer Taps - How to Clean a Beer Tap

Keeping your beer taps clean is vital to keep your facility sanitary and up to code. Clean beer taps also help to ensure you serve drinks that are both delicious and safe to consume for your customers, so cleaning your beer tap at least once every 2 weeks is recommended. So how does one clean a beer tap properly? 


Cleaning Steps  

  1. Turn off pressure and CO2 regulator: Turn off the pressure supply by turning the handle in a clockwise motion and then turn off the CO2 regulator.
  2. Remove the coupler, CO2 line, and faucet: First, remove the coupler from the keg and then remove the CO2 line from the keg coupler. Then use a spanner wrench to remove the faucet.
  3. Disassemble the faucet: Completely disassemble the faucet after removing it. Then, place it in a bucket with the keg coupler.
  4. Prepare the cleaner: Next, add 1 teaspoon of beer line cleaner into the pump jar from the beer line cleaning kit. Then, fill the jar of the pump jar with warm water. 
  5. Wash the tap: To wash your tap, attach the pump jar to the beer dispenser faucet coupling nut and begin pumping the jar. This will push the cleaner through the dispenser system and have it come out in the bucket. Do this until the pump is empty.
  6. Scrub faucet parts and coupler: Use the brush from the cleaning kit to scrub the faucet parts and the coupler with the cleaning solution.
  7. Rinse the tap: Remove the pump jar and rinse it out, then fill it with cool water. Reconnect the pump jar to the beer dispenser faucet coupling nut and pump the water. This will send the water through the system to rinse it out. Do this until no more cleaning solution comes out into the bucket. Then, remove the pump jar. 
  8. Rinse the faucet parts and coupler: Rinse off your faucet parts and the coupler with cool water. Then place the parts and coupler on a towel to dry. 
  9. Reassemble and reattach the faucet: Reassemble the faucet by reversing the disassembly process. Once it is assembled, attach it back onto the shank via the coupling nut. You can use the spanner wrench to secure it back into place. 
  10. Reconnect the coupler and the CO2 line: Start by reattaching the CO2 line and then reconnect the coupler to the keg. 
  11. Open the regulator: Open the regulator and turn the pressure back on. 

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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