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How to Find & Read a Bakers Pride Serial Number

Reading a Bakers Pride Serial Number - Bakers Pride Serial Number Lookup

Whether you're searching for Bakers Pride parts or warranty details, knowing the unit's serial number makes it easier. Each piece of equipment has a data plate that lists the number. But where is it and what do all those digits mean? The following guide helps you locate and read a Bakers Pride serial number.

Bakers Pride Serial Number Lookup

When you know the serial number on a Bakers Pride unit, searching for replacement parts is easy. Our Serial Number lookup tool lets you find specific OEM parts and warranty information for your exact piece of equipment. That means less downtime and more accuracy when finding what you need.

Where is the Bakers Pride Data Plate Located?

Bakers Pride equipment has data plates featuring resourceful information, including the model and serial numbers. Below lists where this plate on select pieces of equipment:

  • Ranges – Front below the oven section
  • Speed ovens – Rear
  • Convection ovens & radiant charbroilers – Right side 
  • Radiant charbroilers – Right side

Year & Month

Following the five-digit unit code, the serial number lists four digits indicating the year and month the equipment was manufactured. Using the example above, "1708" means a Bakers Pride unit was manufactured in August 2017.

Unit Sequence Code

A unit sequent code specifies which unit the piece of equipment was in the entire list of those produced throughout the month. In the example above, "0021" indicates this unit was the 21st manufactured during the month.