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How to Find & Read a Henny Penny Serial Number

henny penny graphic - how to read a henny penny serial number

Knowing the serial number on a Henny Penny unit not only helps makes find replacement parts easier, but it also ensures you get the exact items for that piece of equipment. Below are instructions for finding the data plate and reading a Henny Penny serial number.

Where is the Henny Penny Data Plate Located?

The data plate includes both the model and serial numbers for the piece of equipment. The plate is located on the interior front door panel on a Henny Penny deep fryer. On Henny Penny warmers, it's found on the right hand side panel.

Reading a Henny Penny Serial Number from 2004-Present

The serial number code from 2004 to the present is simple to decipher. The year and month it was manufactured is flanked by the product code on the left and the unit sequence counter (number unit produced) to the right. Using the example serial number shown in the infographic above, that would've been the 321st manufactured in June 2016. 

Reading a Henny Penny Serial Number from 1986-2003

Prior to 2004, Henny Penny's serial numbers were slightly different. These featured the product and unit sequence codes in between the month code on the left and year code on the right. Both the month and year codes were indicated by special letters (see the charts below).

Using the example above, that unit would've been the 123rd manufactured in May 2002. 

Month Codes from 1986-2003

Year Codes from 1986-2003

  • A – January
  • B – February
  • C – March
  • D – April
  • E – May
  • F – June
  • G – July
  • H – August
  • I – September
  • J – October
  • K – November
  • L – December
  • HF – 1986
  • HG – 1987
  • HH – 1988
  • HI – 1989
  • IJ – 1990
  • IA – 1991
  • IB – 1992
  • IC – 1993
  • ID – 1994
  • IE – 1995
  • IF – 1996
  • IG – 1997
  • IH – 1998
  • II – 1999
  • JJ – 2000
  • JA – 2001
  • JB – 2002
  • JC – 2003

Henny Penny Serial Number Lookup

With the serial number handy, making necessary repair or performing routine maintenance is easy. Parts Town's Serial Number Lookup tool lets you find the exact OEM parts and available warranty information for your Henny Penny unit. That means getting the right replacement parts is more accurate than ever.