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How to Read a Pitco Serial Number

Pitco serial number - how to read a pitco serial number

Although a Pitco serial number may seem like a string of random letters and numbers, it actually contains information that makes shopping for parts easier. If you want to take advantage of this information, our guide on how to read a Pitco serial number explains what it means, where to find it and how to read it so you can find the right replacement parts for your unit.

What Information Does the Serial Number Contain?

Your Pitco fryer serial number gives important information about your unit in the form of letters and numbers. This information includes:

  • Model Code (gas / electric fryer or filter)
  • Production Year 
  • Production Month

Knowing this information not only helps when it comes to part identification, but it also lets you know if certain components are outdated. This is very important information to know when it comes time to maintain your unit.

Where is the Pitco Data Tag Located?

Pitco fryers have a data plate that lists pertinent equipment information, including the serial number. The data tag lists both the model and serial numbers. On Pitco fryers, this tag is usually located on the inside of the fryer door. The serial number is typically printed in a field reading "SERIAL NO." 

Reading a Pitco Serial Number

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to make sense of the letters and numbers in the serial number:

Fryer Model Code

  • G – Gas models
  • E – Electric models
  • F – Filters

Production Year Code

The production year code is two numbers that signify the year the fryer was manufactured. For example, if a Pitco fryer was made in 2011, the production year code in the serial number is "11." This number appears after the fryer model code and before the production month code.

Production Month Code

  • A – January
  • B – February
  • C – March
  • D – April
  • E – May
  • F – June
  • G – July
  • H – August
  • J – September
  • K – October
  • L – November
  • M – December

Pitco Serial Number Lookup

When you know the serial number, searching for replacement parts is easy. Parts Town's Serial Number Lookup tool lets you punch in the serial number on the Pitco parts page, allowing you to find exact OEM parts and see available warranty information for a specific fryer. This helps eliminate guesswork, improves accuracy and reduces downtime when looking for parts.

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Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.