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How to Find & Read a Silver King Serial Number

Silver King Logo - How to Find & Read a Silver King Serial Number

Shopping for parts or having repairs made on your commercial kitchen equipment can be much easier when you know your unit’s serial number. All Silver King models should have a serial number on them. The letters and numbers within that have different meanings and understanding that serial number can help you know more about your unit. This guide will help walk you through locating and reading the serial number on your Silver King unit. 

Locating a Silver King Serial Number

The serial number is typically located on a data plate on the unit. These plates have a lot of information on them so it’s good to know where it’s located on your specific unit. Data plates have your serial number, model number and other vital information. 

Depending on your model the data plate could be located on the liner of the cabinet or on the end panel of the cabinet. 

Reading a Silver King Serial Number

Being able to read your Silver King unit’s serial number can let you know when it was manufactured as well as the type of refrigerant your model uses. 

Manufacture Date

The first two letters of your serial number will help you determine the month and year your unit was manufactured. The first letter symbolizes the month and the second one represents the year. We’ll focus on the first letter to understand how to determine the month. The first letter should be a letter from A to M. A would represent January and then it continues in order with B as February, C as March and so on all the way to M representing December.

Now for the second letter to find the year. This works similarly to the months except it starts at Z to represent 2005 and then goes A for 2006, B for 2007 and so on. Thus if you have a unit starting with FE that would mean it was manufactured in June of 2010. 

Incremental Number

Now you may have noticed after the first two letters of your serial number there’s another two letters and then a six digit number. Those letters are for OEM use, but the 6 digit number represents the incremental number. 


The very last letter is meant to indicate the type of refrigerant the unit is using. There are five different letters that could be the final value of your serial number. These letters are A, B, M, R or X. The following key will help you understand which letter means which refrigerant type:

  • A - 134A
  • B - 404A
  • M - 401A
  • R - R22
  • X - N/A

So if your unit’s serial number ends on R that would mean the refrigerant is R22. 

Silver King Serial Number Lookup

A unit’s serial number makes it easier to look up and order parts to repair equipment. At Parts Town, we offer a Serial Number Lookup feature that you can use to help you find the correct OEM parts from the Silver King parts page for your specific unit. So you won’t have to waste time searching and can get the right part you need fast.