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How to Find & Read an Angelo Po Serial Number

Angelo Po Logo - How to Find & Read an Angelo Po Serial Number

To shop for the right parts for equipment, you need to know the equipment’s serial number. Finding and reading an Angelo Po serial number can be really easy, especially with the help of this guide. We’ll show you where to find the number as well as decipher the letters and numbers to know what they mean. 

Finding an Angelo Po Serial Number

Serial numbers are almost always located on a unit’s data plate. This plate is important to locate since it has your serial number and countless other pieces of information on it. One such is the model number and oftentimes a service line to contact. 

Reading an Angelo Po Serial Number

Angelo Po serial numbers are easy to read as long as you know what the letters and numbers in them mean. Typically there are 6 to 8 digits included in the sequence. They typically all start with FX. This is the commercial code. 

After FX, there will be one or two numbers. The number should either be 6, 8, 10, 12 or 20. This indicates the number of GN containers in the unit, also referred to in the manual as trays. . After that, there will be either the number 1  or 2  next in the sequence. This is meant to indicate the type of container. The one stands for GN1/1, and the two is for GN2/1.

Next, there should be either a G or an E. It indicates whether the unit generates heat by gas or electricity. This is crucial to know when shopping for parts because gas and electric units don’t use the same parts. After the letters, we go back to having a number. There  should be either a two or a three to indicate the equipment level. 

Now it’s possible your serial number ended there. Depending on your model, though, you could find one more letter at the end. This is to indicate if the unit is a special version or not. If the serial number does not have a letter after the equipment level number, then it’s not a special version. If it has any of the following letters, then it’s a special version. 

  • C - chicken version with a fat drain catered to poultry 
  • P - pastries version 
  • R - reversed door version with a right-opening door 
  • CR - combination of the chicken and the reversed door special version

Angelo Po Serial Number Lookup

Serial numbers are incredibly vital  to understanding your equipment and finding the parts that best fit. If you have your serial number but need help hunting for parts, Parts Town has the key to getting parts faster. It’s called the Serial Number Lookup, and it will help you find the correct parts for your Angelo Po unit based on the provided serial number. So you won’t have to worry about the parts you buy not fitting your unit.