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Lang Serial Number Lookup & Location

Lang serial number graphic - lang serial number lookup and location

A Lang serial number is an important piece of information to have. Your serial number helps you find the right parts, schedule the proper service and check warranty status. Knowing where to find your serial number and read it correctly is necessary for every foodservice operator. Here, we break down common Lang serial number locations and how to read them.

Where is the Serial Number Located on a Lang Unit?

Depending on your unit type, the serial number will be located on a data plate in different locations. Your user manual will note the location of this data plate as reference. Here are some common spots where you can find your Lang serial number.

  • Ovens—Behind the access panel under controls, or on the back side of unit above the power cord
  • Broilers—Behind the access cover on the right side
  • Ranges—Right side of the range top controls and behind the circuit breaker door on the oven.
  • Griddles—On the right side of the griddle
  • Fryers—Behind the access door over the tank drain
  • Cheesemelters—Either on the left side of the unit towards the front or on the left side behind the control door or on top of the control box

How to Read a Lang Serial Number

A Lang serial number will be around 13 digits long beginning with alphabetical letters. To find the date of manufacture, first locate the alphabetical letter in the middle of the serial number. The four numbers that precede it will be the date of manufacture. As an example, a serial number with “0308” as the date indicates that the model was manufactured in March of 2008.

Lang Serial Number Lookup

If you need to find the correct part for your Lang oven or griddle, Parts Town has you covered with our serial number lookup tool. This lets you find the exact Lang OEM parts that are compatible with your specific unit. Check it out the next time you’re shopping for a replacement part.