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Lighting an Anets Fryer Pilot Light

Lighting an Anets Fryer Pilot Light Anets logo Installation, Programming, Operation Guide

Many commercial kitchens rely on Anets gas fryers to fry everything from delicious treats to chicken wings. Whether it’s during installation or over time of operation, there are instances where you might need to light the pilot. This guide shows you the simple steps for lighting an Anets fryer pilot light.

The instructions below are applicable to the 14″ Standard Gas series, which includes 14G, 14GS, 14GU, 14GSU, MX-14EG and MX-14EGU models.

Pilot Lighting Procedure

Remember that there might be air in the gas line following the installation process. Before you get started, press the control knob on the gas safety valve for several minutes until the pilot flame burns steadily.

  • Step 1. Turn the thermostat knob OFF.
  • Step 2. Align the gas valve handle with the gas line piping to open the gas supply inlet valve.
  • Step 3. Open the front door to the fryer. Move the right lighting port or pilot viewing cover to aside.
  • Step 4. Line the gas valve knob to the valve’s PILOT marking.
  • Step 5. Hold down the valve control knob to let the pilot gas flow.
  • Step 6. Light the right pilot burner:
    • Models 14G, 14GU, 14GS or 14GSU require you to use a match or lighter to ignite the pilot burner.
    • Models MX-14EG and MX-14EGU can be lit by pushing the spark igniter button numerous times until the pilot flame ignites.
  • Step 7. Release the control valve knob and see if the flame remains lighted. Close the right lighting port or pilot viewing.
  • Step 8. Access the left pilot flame by opening the lighting port or pilot viewing. Use a match or lighter to light the pilot flame. Close the left lighting port or pilot viewing.
  • Step 9. Align the gas control valve knob back to the valve’s ON setting mark.
  • Step 10. Adjust the thermostat knob to the desired temperature. Make sure the main burners are lit and heating the kettle.

Need more helping maintaining or lighting an Anets fryer pilot light? We have a full library of Anets manuals to assist you.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.