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Mahlkönig Grinder Cleaning

Mahlkönig Logo - Mahlkönig Grinder Cleaning

There’s nothing better than a freshly ground cup of coffee or espresso. With the Mahlkönig grinder, you can provide that experience to your customers with each order. To help ensure that their cup of joe tastes the absolute best, it’s vital to conduct regular cleanings of your grinder unit. Learn how to expertly clean your Mahlkönig grinder with our how-to guide.

This guide is applicable for the K30, K30 ES and K30 Vario models.

How to Clean the Grinder

It’s recommended that you clean your grinder once every 1-2 weeks and that you use GRINDZ cleaner.

  • Step 1—Close the hopper slider and grind any remaining coffee out of the grinder casing.
  • Step 2—Remove the hopper.
  • Step 3—Fill the grinder casing with 35 grams of GRINDZ cleaner.
    • NOTE—35 grams equates to one sachet or one can’s lid.
  • Step 4—Place the hopper back onto the grinder.
  • Step 5—Set the grinder adjustment system to the most coarse setting.
  • Step 6—Begin grinding the GRINDZ cleaner until it has completely emptied into the port-a-filter or into a separate bin.
  • Step 7—Open the hopper slider and add coffee beans. Grind 2-3 double shots of coffee to purge the system of any remaining GRINDZ cleaner. Discard ground coffee afterward.

How to Clean the Grinder Casing

  • Step 1—Wipe the outside of the casing and drip tray with a damp cloth. This can be done periodically or as needed.

How to Clean the Hopper

  • Step 1—Wipe the outside and inside of the hopper with a damp cloth. This should be done daily.

For more operational instructions or further assistance with your unit, check out our massive stock of Mahlkönig manuals and diagrams.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.