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Master-Bilt Walk-In Door Gasket Replacement Instructions

Master-Bilt Walk-In Door Gasket Replacement Instructions

Don’t let cold air escape with a worn out or broken gasket. Door gaskets help seal openings shut and ensure that temperatures can stay consistent. Below we have Master-Bilt walk-in door gasket replacement instructions so you can properly maintain your walk-in. The following guide works for Master-Bilt walk-in models like the QS Series, Quick Ship, Bilt2Spec™ & Ready-Bilt™ and more. 

Door Removal Instructions

Before replacing the gasket it is advised to remove the door assembly for safety and convenience.

  • Step 1. Open the door to the dwell position, stopping at around 120°
  • Step 2. Mark the floor where the position of the door is
  • Step 3. Lift the door off of the frame
  • Step 4. Place the hex hole in the hinge straps over the hex rods and lower the door

Door Gasket Replacement Instructions

  • Step 1. Place the door exterior face down with the gasket facing up
  • Step 2. Grab the gasket at one corner and pull the dart-shaped projection out of the retainer slow in the door breaker, making sure to pull slowly
  • Step 3. Check the retainer slot to make sure you removed all of the gasket and it is free of material or other debris
  • Step 4. Starting at one corner, insert the dart-shaped side of the gasket into the retainer slot and use a rubber mallet to drive it into the slot
  • Step 5. Repeat step 4 on each of the other corners of the gasket and midway between the corners on the long sides of the door
  • Step 6. Use the mallet to drive the dart into the retainer slot from the center of each side towards the corner
  • Step 7. Lift the gasket base on the outer edge and check that the dart is engaged by the retainer slot around the door, except where the sweep gasket is attached
  • Step 8. Line up the door with the previously made marks on the floor
  • Step 9. Place the hex hole in the hinge straps over the hex rods and set the door into place

Looking to perform more maintenance on your walk-in? Check out our guide on Master-Bilt walk-in cleaning and maintenance to help. 

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.