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Nemco Easy FryKutter Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning

Nemco FryKutter PM Photo

Nemco Easy FryKutter preventative maintenance and cleaning is an important step to ensure that it stays in the best condition to continue cutting fries. We will help you go over the essential steps so you can tackle food grease build-up and lubricate the machine too. Our guide below will make it easy to get your equipment back to serving fresh cut fries in no time. 

The guide works for Nemco Easy FryKutter models 55450-1, 55450-2, 55450-3, 55450-4, 55450-6 and 55450-8

Easy FryKutter Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning

Cleaning the Cutter

  • Step 1. Release push block - Press the thumb screws to release the push block
  • Step 2. Remove blade assembly - Remove the wing nuts to release the blade and holder assembly or blade holder and then remove them. Make sure the push block doesn’t fall when removing the parts. 
  • Step 3. Disassemble blade and holder assembly - Remove the thumb screws and the blade holder plate. Gently tap the blades and blade spacers from the blade holder.
  • Step 4. Wash parts - Thoroughly wash, rinse and dry the push block, blade and holder assembly parts with water, dish soap and a soft cloth. 
  • Step 5. Place blade holder on table - To reassemble the blade holder, place the blade holder on a table top with the blade spacer pockets facing upward. 
  • Step 6. Insert blade spacers - Insert the blade spacers with their slots toward the inner opening of the blade holder.
  • Step 7. Insert blades - Insert the blades with sharp edges downward and slots upward. Then insert blades with sharp sedges and slots downward. 
  • Step 8. Reposition blade holder plate - Reposition the blade holder plate and screw it with thumbscrews. 

Cleaning the Wedger

  • Step 1. Remove wedge blade - Remove the wedge blade from the blade holder by unscrewing the thumbscrews. 
  • Step 2. Release lever and yoke - Remove the pin clips and pins to release the lever and yoke. 
  • Step 3. Remove guide rods - Take out the nuts and pull the guide rods through the cutting end of the frame.
  • Step 4. Wash frame - Using a cloth, brush or sponge, wash the frame and parts assembly.
  • Step 5. Reassemble the parts - Reassemble the machine by reversing the disassembly steps above. 

Lubricating the Machine

Lubricating the machine is an essential part of preventative maintenance as it helps to ensure that parts can move smoothly and with less friction. Never use cooking oil to lubricate the machine. Use Nemco lubricant on the guide rods and pins at each joint to keep everything working smoothly.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.