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Prince Castle Serial Number Lookup

prince castle serial number graphic - prince castle serial number lookup

A Prince Castle serial number isn’t just a random sequence of letters and numbers: it contains important information about the unit’s history and helps identify compatible replacement parts. If you want to learn more about your piece of equipment, our Prince Castle serial number lookup guide will help you find and understand this number quickly and easily.

Locating the Serial Number

To find the data plate with the serial number, look near the cord at the rear of the unit. If you’re having trouble locating the data plate or serial number, refer to your unit’s manual for assistance.

Reading the Serial Number

The serial number consists of 3 sections that contain useful details about the unit: the date of manufacture, information for OEM use and the incremental number. For instructions on how to find this information within the serial number, see the explanation below:

Date of Manufacture


The first digit in the serial number is a letter that indicates the month in which the unit was made. Ranging from A to M, “A” indicates that the unit was manufactured in January and “M” in December, all other months corresponding with a letter in alphabetical order.

So, if the first digit of the serial number is the letter “B,” the unit was manufactured in February. If the first digit is the letter “C,” the unit was built in March, etc.


The second digit is a letter that represents the year in which the unit was manufactured. Although the letter “Z” indicates the year 2005, the following year (2006) is represented by the letter “A,” and each following year by a letter in alphabetical order.

For instance, if the second digit is “B,” then the unit was assembled in the year 2007. If the second letter is “C,” the unit was produced in 2008, etc.


After the first two letters of the serial number, there are two more letters. This set of letters contains information pertinent to the manufacturer, so it’s not of use to the end user.

Incremental Number

Following the letters, there’s a 6-digit number that represents the incremental number, an identification number for tracking individual units. This number is important for warranty purposes, so take note of it when reaching out to authorized technicians to service the unit.

Parts Town Serial Number Lookup Tool

In addition to providing valuable information about the unit’s history, the serial number also makes it easier to find real OEM replacement parts. If your machine needs maintenance, be sure to use our Parts Town Serial Number Lookup tool so you can find the correct genuine OEM parts quickly and easily.

When it comes to helpful information on using, maintaining and troubleshooting your unit, the large collection of Prince Castle manuals and diagrams on our site is a great resource. If you’re ever in need, be sure to take a look.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.