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Southbend Range Serial Number Lookup

Southbend Range Logo - Southbend Range Serial Number Lookup

Who knew that serial numbers were more than just a random number set with a few capitalized letters thrown in? Actually, Southbend Range serial numbers are not random at all but have been an encoded message all along. In this guide, we'll teach you how you can not only find but understand the secrets hidden within your Southbend Range serial number.

How to Find Southbend Range Serial Number?

Southbend Range equipment all come with a handy dandy data plate and serial number that contain vital information about when it was manufactured, which is important when identifying warranties, recalls, software upgrades and part replacements. Below, you’ll learn to find the location of the data plate by sorted equipment type:

  • Ovens or ranges – Located on the inside of the kick plate.
  • Truvection ovens – Located on the interior, lower front panel.
  • Marathoners – Located on the interior, lower front panel.
  • Deep fryers – Located on the inside of the fryer door.
  • Electric counter steamers – Located on the left side panel.
  • Counterline griddles and charbroilers – Located on the interior, lower front panel.
  • Broilers – Located on the interior, lower front panel.

Month & Year

Once you’ve located the serial number, you’ll notice it consists of 8 characters. Southbend Range writes their dates in the year/month format. The year will appear first, written as a numeral, and the month will appear second, represented as a letter. The letters signify the following:

  • A – January 
  • B – February 
  • C – March 
  • D – April 
  • E – May
  • F – June
  • G – July
  • H – August 
  • J – September 
  • K – October
  • L – November
  • M – December

For example, a date written as 21L would mean your unit was manufactured in November of 2021.

Southbend Range Serial Number Lookup 

With our Serial Number Lookup feature, you can easily track down real OEM Southbend Range replacement parts along with the crucial warranty information for your specific piece of equipment. Your search results will immediately populate with a list of compatible parts, eliminating uncertainty when maintaining and repairing your ovens, ranges, streamers, griddles and more.

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Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.