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Tri-Star Manufacturing Serial Number Lookup

Tri-Star Manufacturing Serial Number Lookup

When you need to get the right parts for your equipment or have to identify your appliance with a service tech, it is important to know the serial number. Without this vital information, you could end up with the wrong repair parts or information for your machine. Below we will help you with Tri-Star Manufacturing serial number lookup and knowing what those numbers mean. 

Manufactured Before 2011

For Tri-Star Manufacturing appliances that were manufactured before 2011, the serial number will be a 7-digit series of randomized numbers. These numbers will be located on a plate and labeled so they will be easy to identify and separate from other information. The plate can be located in different areas depending on the appliance or model. 

Manufactured After 2011

Tri-Star Manufacturing appliances that were manufactured after 2011 have a different type of serial number than equipment manufactured before 2011. Reading the serial number can be easy if you know what you are looking at. The number will include 3 important information parts.

  • Unit Code - The unit code is the first 5 digits in the serial number. These help to identify the unit if you are calling any customer service or technicians and they need a unit number. 
  • Production Year/Month - The next 4 digits are the production year and month dates. The first 2 digits represent the production year and the last 2 digits represent the production month. So if the numbers are “1509” that means the appliance was manufactured in September of 2015. 
  • Sequential Counter - These are the last 4 digits of the serial number. These will help to identify your unit and make it easier when you are needing compatible parts or any repair services. 

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Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.