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Vulcan Fryer Troubleshooting

Vulcan Fryer Troubleshooting Guide

Vulcan has a wide selection of world-class cooking equipment, including deep fryers. Their units can fry delicious foods like fries, wings, rings and tenders to perfection in minutes. In the rare case something goes wrong, you need to diagnose the problem fast. Our Vulcan fryer troubleshooting guide has tips for popular GRM, ERA, ERD and ERC Series units.

Not Heating

No power – Flip the power switch into the on position and make sure it’s plugged in.
Thermostat dial turned off – If the thermostat dial isn’t turned on, put it into the on position.
Pilot not lit – For gas models, follow the instructions in the operator’s manual to light the pilot.
Gas supply is off – Turn the gas valve into the on position. If the supply is still off or low, contact an authorized technician or local gas company.
Dirty or loose wire connections – If the area around the wire connections is dirty, clean them accordingly. If the connections are loose, contact an authorized technician to remedy or replace.
Faulty high limit or thermopile – If the high limit or thermopile aren’t working properly, call an authorized technician to test and replace.

Too Hot or Not Reaching Temperature

  • Thermostat dial at incorrect temperature – Change the dial to the desired temperature.
  • Faulty high limit or temperature probe – If the high limit or temperature aren’t working correctly, contact an authorized technician to remedy.

Not Draining

  • Cold shortening – Make sure the shortening or cooking oil is at the proper temperature. If it’s too cold, it can be too thick to drain appropriately.
  • Clogged drain pipes – Clean the pipes to remove any debris. Follow the instructions in your operator’s manual.

Motor or Pump Not Working

  • Incorrectly seated suction tube – Check the operator’s manual to ensure the suction tube is seated properly in the receptacle block.
  • Cold or thick shortening – If the shortening or oil is cold, it’s likely too thick to drain or pump properly. Make sure to heat it up to at least 300⁰F (149⁰C).
  • Blocked filter screen – Check if the filter screen is clogged. Clean it accordingly following the instructions in the operator’s manual. If the screen is damaged, replace it.
  • Discard lever not engaged – Make sure the level is engaged fully for filtering or discarding. If broken, have it replaced by an authorized technician.

Need to find more Vulcan deep fryer troubleshooting tips? We have a full Vulcan error code guide and library of manuals to assist quickly with diagnostics and maintenance.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.