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Wells Serial Number Lookup

wells serial number graphic - wells serial number lookup

A Wells Manufacturing serial number is more than just a random string of digits: it’s a unique identifier that contains valuable details about your unit. If you want to learn more about your piece of equipment, our Wells serial number lookup guide will help you locate, understand and utilize this number so you can operate and maintain your unit more effectively.

Serial Number Location

The serial number is located on the data plate. For deep fryers, the data plate is on the front of the unit; for countertop units, it’s located either on the front or the front underside. If you’re not sure where to find the data plate on your piece of equipment, refer to your owner’s manual.

Date of Manufacture

The main detail provided by the serial number is the date of manufacture. To find the date, locate the letter in the middle of the serial number, then look at the four digits to the left: these four numbers indicate the date on which the unit was built.


Shown as a number ranging from “01” to “12”, the first two-digit number corresponds with a month in chronological order. For example, if the first two digits are “01”, then the unit was built in January; if the first two numbers are “02”, then it was made in February. 


The second set of two digits specifies the year. For instance, if the first two numbers are “07,” your unit was manufactured in 2007; if the second set of two-digits is “08,” then the machine was made in 2008. 

Other Important Information

In addition to indicating the date of manufacturer, the serial number can help identify compatible replacement parts. It can also be used to obtain warranty information, so remember to have the serial number ready when contacting authorized technicians to service the unit.

Parts Town Serial Number Lookup Tool

Besides indicating the manufacturing date, the serial number can also help you find real OEM replacement parts for your specific model. If you need to maintain your piece of equipment, the Parts Town Serial Number Lookup tool will help you find genuine OEM parts that’ll fit and function with your unit perfectly.

For more information on operating, cleaning and troubleshooting your unit, be sure to take a look at the large collection of Wells manuals and diagrams on our site.