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Why Restaurants Need Water Filtration Systems


The developed world takes clean water for granted. It’s delivered right to our homes and businesses ready to drink, so when talking about restaurants, it’s easy to forget that suitable drinking water might be unsuitable for restaurant equipment.

You may wonder why water filters are important for restaurants if the water is already safe to drink; in foodservice, it’s all about safety and taste. Chlorine has been used to disinfect water since the early 1900s. Some customers will not notice the taste of chlorine, but others will, and chlorine can drastically alter the taste of postmix beverages and coffee.

Another compelling reason to employ water filters is equipment longevity. While the use of chloramine (a mixture of chlorine and ammonia) is not a new technology, more communities are using it due to EPA mandates set in 2012. Chloramine damages stainless steel, polyurethane, and rubber.

Water filtration can help your restaurant by:

  • Reducing service calls
  • Maintaining equipment warranty (as impure water will typically void warranties)
  • Filtering minerals, sediment, and contaminants, particularly in hard water
  • Ensuring sanitary serving regardless of municipal water supply issues
  • Providing better tasting drinking water for postmix beverages, coffee, and tea
  • Reducing limescale buildup in equipment
  • Increasing equipment efficiency by keeping limescale out of components

Remember, different pieces of equipment have different filtration requirements. You may be able to install one system serving multiple pieces of equipment, but you may also need dedicated systems for some units. Talk with a licensed service professional to learn about the filtration requirements for your unique situation.

Check with your manufacturer or reference your service manual to see how often filters should be changed. If your filter doesn’t last as long as it should, you may need to invest in a pre-filter that removes larger sediment and can lengthen the life of your main filter.

Be sure to choose genuine OEM replacement filters to ensure your filtration systems are working properly. Even the smallest variation in cartridge size could allow impurities to pass through, rendering your system useless. Visit Parts Town for OEM replacement filters and cartridges.