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How to Adjust the Temperature on a U-Line JoeTap Dispenser

Keep beer and nitro coffee cold and ready to serve by making sure your U-Line JoeTap dispenser is at the optimal temperature. Adjusting the temperature on your dispenser is a quick and easy process, so you can get back to serving frosty and icy cold drinks. Make sure you are changing the temperature to an optimal temp for your specific beverage. For more information on U-Line dispensers, check out the manuals and diagrams we have available at Parts Town. 

Increase Temperature

If you need to increase the temperature, reach down to the panel and hit the “+” button. The temperature should go up by 1. You can keep pressing this button to increase the number until it is at your preferred temperature. Once the number is at the right temperature, the number will flash and then the panel will display “ON”.

Decrease Temperature

To lower the temperature, press the “-” button on the panel. The temperature will go down by 1 degree, so keep pressing the “-” button until it is at your desired temperature. There is no need to confirm the temperature change or press any other button.

Changing the Temperature Scale

This bottom panel is also where you can change the temperature between Fahrenheit to Celsius. Press and hold the “+” button and “-” button for 5 seconds. The temperature scale next to the number should change between F or C to show which one you are in. Once you are in the desired units, adjust the temperature as needed. 

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.