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Power Soak Sink Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance


A Power Soak sink makes cleaning a breeze. But to ensure all your wares are sanitary, it’s important that your unit be cleaned on a regular basis. Below are some helpful cleaning guides with videos to help you with the process.

Daily Cleaning 

Do not use a hose or power washer during the cleaning process.

  • Step 1—Turn off the power to the sink.
  • Step 2—Disassemble the sink’s components in this order: 
    • Lid
    • Wave flow guides
    • Rib sections
    • Flexible tank divider
    • Sheet pan rack (optional)
    • Wash tank liner
  • Step 3—Place sink components in the rinse sink or dishwasher. If the sink components aren’t run through the dishwasher, place them in the sanitizer tank after being rinsed.
  • Step 4—Thoroughly rinse the tank with warm water. 
  • Step 5—Scrub the high and low sensors with a scrub pad to remove any buildup.
  • Step 6—Wipe the tank with sanitizing solution. 
  • Step 7—Wipe down the exterior.
  • Step 8—Assemble the sink components in reverse order as Step 2.

Heating Element Cleaning

The heating element should be cleaned on a monthly basis.

  • Step 1—Turn off the electrical supply at the circuit breaker in the wall-mounted enclosure.
  • Step 2—Disassemble the sink’s components. Refer to Step 2 of the guide above.
  • Step 3—Remove the cover plate from the back of the wash tank.
  • Step 4—Clean and remove any debris in and around the heating element with a soft, damp cloth. 
  • Step 5—Clean the plate cover with a mild detergent and water.
  • Step 6—Reattach the plate cover when finished cleaning to prevent foreign objects from entering the pump suction.

Motor Fan Shroud Cleaning

The motor fan shroud should be cleaned on a monthly basis to prevent build-up from forming.

  • Step 1—Turn off the electrical supply at the circuit breaker in the wall-mounted enclosure.
  • Step 2—Using a stiff bristle brush, clean the pump motor fan shroud.
  • Step 3—Vacuum the pump motor fan shroud to remove any remaining debris.
    • NOTE—If a vacuum or brush isn't available to use, a damp, soapy cloth will work as well.

For more cleaning tips and operations info, check out our full collection of Power Soak manuals for assistance.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.