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Replacing a Beverage-Air Refrigerator Door Gasket

From casual dining establishments to quick-service restaurants, keeping ingredients cool is crucial. Beverage-Air makes refrigeration equipment many commercial kitchens rely on. Each fridge has a door gasket that helps keep cold air sealed inside the unit. Whenever you notice wear and tear, it’s important to change the part as soon as possible. Using the video and instructions below, these are the steps for replacing a Beverage-Air door gasket.

Procedures for Replacing the Gasket

  • Step 1. Remove the old gasket – Grasp the upper corner of the gasket firmly and pull it diagonally away from the door.
  • Step 2. Clean the gasket track – Check the gasket track for any debris, and clean it using a soft cloth. Add warm water and mild dish soap if there is any grease or food particles stuck inside the track.
  • Step 3. Prep the new gasket – Inspect the new gasket is free of any rips or tears. If the gasket is slightly warped or stiff, soak it in warm water for about five minutes to make it more pliable.
  • Step 4. Attach the new gasket to the door – Starting in the upper corner of the door, snap the gasket in the gasket track. Once the dart is in place in the corner, continue popping the gasket into the track along the rest of the door. Make sure to push it in firmly. Tap it with the palm of your hand if necessary.
  • Step 5. Check that the door is sealed close – Shut the door and see if it’s sealed shut. Check all four sides of the door.

Choosing the Right Gasket

Before you start this task, make sure you choose the correct OEM gasket for your specific refrigeration unit. Below is a quick list of door gaskets by popular Beverage-Air refrigerator and freezer models.

Gaskets By Model

For more gaskets, please see our complete Beverage-Air refrigeration parts page.

Need more help with this project? Check out our full selection of Beverage-Air manuals for assistance.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.