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How to Adjust the Temperature Setpoint on a Perlick Back-Bar Beer Cooler

Delicious brews need cold spaces to be stored in. Otherwise the flavor could be left compromised. This could require some simple adjustments made to refrigeration equipment. If you’re new to the unit and aren’t sure what all the buttons mean on the controller, then look no further. This guide on how to adjust the temperature setpoint on a Perlick back-bar beer cooler will help you make the changes you need. 

The best temperature for beer in a Perlick unit is 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure flavor and quality is maintained. 

Adjusting the Temperature Setpoint on a Perlick Beer Cooler

  • Step 1. Press SET - Press the SET button on the controller so the display reads SEt.
  • Step 2. Press SET again - Press the SET button again to begin adjusting the temperature setpoint. 
  • Step 3. Use the arrows to adjust the temperature - To adjust the setpoint temperature, press the UP arrow to increase and DOWN arrow to decrease. 
    • Note. When you’re adjusting the temperature, press either arrow key within 15 seconds of each other.
  • Step 4. Save the setting - Press SET to confirm the new temperature setpoint. 
    • Note. The display will show the cabinet temperature 10 seconds later. 

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Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.