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How to Clean a Beverage-Air Horizon Series Refrigerator or Freezer

From split liquids to food crumbs, commercial refrigeration can harbor an assortment of messes. In order to protect the health and safety of customers, it’s important that food storage spaces stay clean and tidy despite the dirt and debris. Parts Town is here to help you learn how to clean a Beverage-Air Horizon series refrigerator or freezer so you can get it looking like new and safe for an assortment of product to be kept in.


Cleaning the Exterior

Before getting to work on the inside cabinet, you’ll want to get the exterior sparkling clean.

  • Step 1. Wash the exterior - Use a cloth and mild detergent to clean the exterior surfaces.
    • Note. Don’t use a chlorine cleaning solution.
  • Step 2. Rinse and dry - Use a damp cloth to rinse the exterior surfaces. Then use a separate dry cloth to dry it off.
  • Step 3. Polish the exterior - At least once a week, polish the exterior with stainless steel cleaner and a soft cloth.

Cleaning the Interior

Now that the exterior is clean, you need to know how to clean a Beverage-Air Horizon series refrigerator or freezer interior. 

  • Step 4. Power down the unit - Disconnect power to the unit by turning it off at the controller.
  • Step 5. Remove shelves - Remove all the interior shelving from the unit cavity. For freezers, leave the door open to defrost before proceeding.
  • Step 6. Clean the interior - Scrub all the interior surfaces with a sponge dampened in warm water and mild detergent.
    • Note. After cleaning, rinse with a damp cloth and dry with a separate one. 
  • Step 7. Clean the gasket - Use a damp cloth to wipe down the door gaskets

Need some more guides for commercial refrigeration? Check out our large selection of Beverage-Air manuals and diagrams for tips specific to your model.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.