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How to Clean a Globe Stand Mixer


Debris from ingredients and leftover dough can leave a commercial mixer filthy. Rather than letting caked on product contaminate the next batch, wash the unit so it’s ready for more. It’s vital to clean food prep equipment daily to ensure the unit is running in peak condition and to avoid the risks of cross contamination. Parts Town is here to show you how to clean a Globe stand mixer so you can properly and thoroughly wash the unit till it looks good as new.

These instructions apply to most Globe stand mixers. This includes models such as the SP20 and SP30.


How to Clean a Globe Stand Mixer

A Globe commercial mixer should be cleaned daily.

  • Step 1. Press STOP - Turn off the mixer by pressing the STOP button. 
  • Step 2. Disconnect power - Unplug the mixer’s power cord to completely power it down. 
  • Step 3. Lower the bowl - Lower the mixing bowl until it’s all the way down.
  • Step 4. Remove attachments - Slide the guard open and twist to remove the mixer attachment
  • Step 5. Remove the guard - Slide the bowl guard open to remove it.
  • Step 6. Remove the bowl - Unlock the clamps and remove the mixing bowl from the mixer.
    • Note. Use caution when lifting as the bowl can be heavy.
  • Step 7. Clean components - At a sink, wash the mixing bowl, bowl guard and attachment with a scrub brush, water and dish soap.
  • Step 8. Rinse components - At a sink, rinse the mixing bowl, bowl guard and attachment with warm water.
  • Step 9. Dry components - Use a soft cloth to dry off the mixing bowl, bowl guard and attachment.
  • Step 10. Clean the unit - Use a soft cloth and soapy water to clean the exterior of the unit, the bowl cradle and planetary shaft
  • Step 11. Remove the cover - Loosen the thumbscrew to remove the cover from the attachment hub.
  • Step 12. Clean the hub - Use a cloth and soapy water to clean the attachment hub interior.
    • Note. Add grease to the areas at least once every couple of weeks.
  • Step 13. Reinstall the cover - Place the cover back over the attachment hub and secure it by tightening the thumbscrew. 
  • Step 14. Rinse the unit - Use a damp cloth to rinse the exterior, bowl cradle and planetary shaft. Then use a separate cloth to dry it. 
  • Step 15. Reinstall the bowl - Place the mixing bowl back in the bowl cradle and lock it in place.
  • Step 16. Reinstall the guard - Reattach the bowl guard onto the mixer.
  • Step 17. Reinstall the attachment - Put the attachment back on the mixer. 

Globe Stand Mixer Preventative Maintenance Tips

On top of the standard daily cleaning, a Globe stand mixer also requires additional preventative maintenance to keep it running efficiently. There are two main areas on the unit that require this extra maintenance. 

Planetary Ring Maintenance

  • Axle grease should be applied once a year to the planetary ring.
  • Apply grease into zerk fitting on the side of the planetary.
    • Note. Don’t overfill the fitting.

Bowl Slide Rod Maintenance

Whenever the bowl becomes difficult to raise or lower, apply Globe lubricant to the bowl slide rods. Then, raise and lower the bowl to evenly distribute the oil. 

Need some more guides for commercial mixers? Check out our large selection of Globe manuals and diagrams for tips specific to your model.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.