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The Essential Types of Cutting Boards


While they may seem like just simple pieces of wood or plastic, a cutting board is a vital tool for preparing delicious meals for customers. For all the different methods of cutting and slicing product, the right tool for these tasks is a must. However, not all cutting boards are treated the same. The essential types of cutting boards each have a designated purpose.

What are the Different Types of Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are easy to sort by color. Each color is designated for a specific type of food. 

  • Green - Vegetables and other produce
  • Yellow - Chicken and other poultry
  • Brown - Baked goods such as bread
  • Blue - Fish and other seafood
  • White - Non-wet products
  • Red - Beef and other red meats

Why Use Different Cutting Boards

Using one cutting board for everything poses a great health and safety concern to customers. Cross contamination between different products like from red meat to produce is a serious risk when you only have one type of board. 

You might also be thinking, you could clean the cutting board when you switch from meats to veggies. Cutting boards typically have textures that can hold leftover pieces of chicken and more even after a wash. This is enough to risk cross contamination which poses serious health risks for customers like food borne illnesses

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.