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TurboChef Bullet Oven Troubleshooting

Tried loading in a sandwich to quickly warm up but discovered the unit isn’t turning on? Don’t let that stop you from fulfilling customer orders. Sometimes the issue requires a simple fix to get it working again. Whether the unit doesn’t have power or the touchscreen isn’t working right, these TurboChef Bullet oven troubleshooting tips are sure to help. 

Not Working or Heating

If the oven isn’t even warming up, then one of the following issues might be the cause.

  • Oven is unplugged - Plug in the oven’s power cord.
  • Circuit breaker is tripped or off - Turn on the circuit breaker or reset it.
  • Oven is turned off - Turn on the oven and wait for it to heat up.
  • Oven door is ajar - The oven can’t heat up with the door open as a safety measure. Ensure the door is securely shut. 
  • High-limit thermostat is tripped - Press the button on the oven rear wall to reset the high-limit thermostat.

Not Cooking Properly

Whether product comes out over or under cooked, there’s a fix for it.

  • Oven is dirty - Clean the unit by following the manual instructions or our TurboChef Bullet cleaning instructions
    • Note. Only use OEM approved oven cleaners
  • Incorrect group or item was selected - Refer to the user manual and select the proper group or item for the product being cooked. 

Not Beeping

If the unit isn’t beeping to signal product is complete, then it may need to be reset. The following steps will walk you through properly rebooting the unit:

  • Step 1. Unplug the oven
  • Step 2. Wait 30 seconds
  • Step 3. Plug in the unit and check that it beeps

Steam or Smoke is Present

  • Oven is dirty - Clean the unit by following the manual instructions or our TurboChef Bullet cleaning instructions. 
  • Rear vents are clogged or dirty - Use the quarterly cleaning steps to clear away debris.

Touchscreen is Slow or Not Detecting

 If the touch screen appears unresponsive, then try these TurboChef Bullet oven troubleshooting tips:

  • Hands are dirty - Wash your hands to ensure they are clean and try using the touchscreen again.
  • Bad boot up - Try rebooting the unit by unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. 

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Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.