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What are the Benefits of Holding Fried Foods


If your business is best known for making fried entrees and sides, you might be battling with holding them for prolonged periods of time. The risks of reduced food quality become a concern when product is improperly held. Everything from a chewy or tough texture to soggy breading could occur. This can all be avoided, though, with the right fried food holding equipment. Thankfully, Frank Barrett-Mills from Middleby is here to answer the question of  the benefits of  holding fried foods and the best tactics for doing so. 

What is the Best Way to Hold Fried Foods

Circulated air-holding devices, like the Carter-Hoffmann Crisp N’ Hold, create a heated zone instead of just a heated surface. This is because it circulates the air around the product. This keeps the oils in the product, whereas heat lamps or heated pans will force them out. This avoids the bottom of the pan having soft or soggy product and the top having overdone product. 

Chef’s Tip: The average hold on fries is 15 minutes! 

What are the Benefits of Holding Fried Foods

The benefits of convected air holding are substantial. Rather than throwing away soggy and overdone fried foods, the lifespan of held product can be almost quadrupled, depending on what you’re specifically holding. Having to throw away bad product is essentially throwing away money. By using the convected air holding, you can reduce how much food gets tossed out and save countless dollars. 

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.