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Cubiertas para calentadores de comida

Need replacement chafing dish covers? At Parts Town, we have a large selection to ensure you can properly cover your warmed dishes with ease. We offer different shapes and sizes so you can find the one that matches your equipment. Take a closer look at our inventory today and keep your prepped food warmed to the right temperature.

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    • N.º pieza fab.: 900COVER
    • HBRT900COVER
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  • Winco C-DCH Half Size Dome Cover With Handle
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Chafing Dish Lid

When using a chafing dish to keep food toasty, it's important to have the right lid to cover it. Take a look at the lids available with us:

  • Full Size Roll Top
  • Half Size Dome

Though roll tops look nice and are easier to use in buffet style set ups, using a dome cover will also get the job done. And no matter if you're using a wood box or stainless steel rack, these covers will only add to the style and convenience of your set up. Browse our available lid options to find the right one for your equipment.

We want to help you find the rigth equipment for the right price. That's why we have some of the most in-stock inventory around. At Parts Town, you canrest assured we have what you're looking for.