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How to Find and Read a Perlick Refrigerator Serial Number

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How to Find and Read a Perlick Refrigerator Serial Number Refrigeration Model Identification Guide

When you know the serial number on your Perlick refrigerator, it can help with purchasing parts or making repairs. Each refrigeration unit has a plate with the number listed on it. So what do those different numbers and letters stand for? Below is a quick breakdown of where to find and how to read a Perlick refrigerator serial number.

Where is the Perlick Data Plate Located?

Both the model and serial numbers are displayed on the data plate. On most refrigerated Perlick units, the plate typically is located on the rear or inside the cabinet either on the sides or rear wall.

Reading a Perlick Serial Number


The six characters at the beginning of a Perlick refrigerator's serial number specify the date the unit was manufactured. In order, each two-digit number shows year, month and day. Using the example above, "161025" indicates that the fridge was manufactured on October 25, 2016.   

Sequential Counter

Following the date, the serial number has a four-digit, sequential counter. In our example, the sequential counter is "1234."

Manufacturing Plant

The last character in the sequence is a letter indicating the plant the unit was manufactured at. In most cases, this either an "A" for Milwaukee or "B" for Monterrey.

The serial number format above is for Perlick units manufactured after April 2016. Older models used a six-digit sequential counter.

Perlick Serial Number Lookup

Having the serial number available lets you search and purchase the right parts quickly. Our Serial Number Lookup feature allows you to use the Perlick parts page and find the exact OEM parts and available warranty information for your specific fridge or undercounter unit. What does that mean? Searching for replacement parts will be more accurate and won't have downtime. 

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