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Desmon USA Focos, lámparas y luces

Since the late 1990s, Desmon USA has evolved into a top commercial refrigeration manufacturer. Their innovative line of products includes:
  • FPTM Pizza Prep Tables
  • GB Reach-In Professional Refrigerators or Freezers
  • GPZ Food Prep Tables
  • TGPB and TGPM Refrigerated Pastry Counters
When your unit breaks down, don't stop your food from staying cold. Parts Town has the most in-stock Desmon USA parts on the planet to make repairs quickly. We carry a wide variety of real OEM parts to keep your equipment safe, reliable and covered under warranty. Find everything from real evaporator coils and compressors to pans and hinges made specifically for your unit.

Parts Town has a large collection of Desmon USA manuals and diagrams. You'll be able to identify the correct Desmon USA replacement parts or find helpful service tips for your model. Need your new part in a hurry? By shipping all in-stock parts same day until 9 PM ET Monday-Friday and all online air orders until 4 PM ET Saturday, you don't have to wait.
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  • Desmon USA R50-0087-26557 LAMP BULB
    • Fab.: Desmon USA
    • N.º pieza fab.: R50-0087-26557
    • DMONR50-0087-26557
    • Cantidad disponible: 3
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  • Desmon USA R35-0420 UV LAMP
    • Fab.: Desmon USA
    • N.º pieza fab.: R35-0420
    • DMONR35-0420
    • Cantidad disponible: 0
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  • Desmon USA R50-0087 LAMP BULB
    • Fab.: Desmon USA
    • N.º pieza fab.: R50-0087
    • DMONR50-0087
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