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f'real Reguladores

Parts Town has real OEM f'real parts that fit and function with your specific milkshake and smoothie equipment. With genuine OEM, you can keep the unit safe, efficient and protected under the manufacturer warranty. Never let any minor maintenance or major repairs get in way of making frozen treats. Get real heater assemblies, valves, control boards and other f'real machine parts faster by shopping online today!
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  • f'real 66-0008 Regulador de presión, agua, 50PSI
    • Fab.: f'real
    • N.º pieza fab.: 66-0008
    • FRL66-0008
    • Cantidad disponible: 12
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  • f'real 66-0050 REGULATOR, 25 PSI B6
    • Fab.: f'real
    • N.º pieza fab.: 66-0050
    • FRL66-0050
    • Cantidad disponible: 0
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  • f'real 04-1204-A PRESSURE REGULATOR
    • Fab.: f'real
    • N.º pieza fab.: 04-1204-A
    • FRL04-1204-A
    • Cantidad disponible: 0
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f'real Milkshake Machine Parts

When it comes to milkshakes and smoothies, f'real makes some of the best equipment in the industry:
  • Foodservice Blenders
  • Self-Serve & Double Blending Bars
  • Mini Blending Bars
  • Single-Door & Tall Upright Freezers
Parts Town has the most in-stock f'real blender parts on the planet. We carry real OEM gaskets, sensors, motors and more. You'll find a wide variety of replacement f'real parts designed to operate with foodservice and self-serve machines as well as storage freezers.

Can't wait long? Parts Town offers same day shipping on in-stock items until 9 PM ET Monday-Friday. That way you can get f'real smoothie machine parts or components for milkshake equipment as soon as possible.
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