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Grindmaster Cecilware 86887 Tornillo, 5/16"-18 x 1", SLT, FIL, HD, MS

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Grindmaster Cecilware 86887 Pieza de Repuesto

A Grindmaster Cecilware 86887 Screw secures the grinder cap to your coffee grinder, so you don't spill the beans.

  • Real OEM screws fasten more securely because they are designed to fit your exact make and model, keeping your Grindmaster Cecilware coffee grinders protected under warranty.
  • Fits popular models like 890BS, 835S, 250AB and more (please see FITS MODELS below for a complete list)
  • Common Equipment Type: Coffee Grinders
  • Screw Type: Machine Screw
  • Drive Type: Philips
  • Dimensions: 5/16"-18 x 1"
  • Color: Gray