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Town Food Service Bisagras

Founded in 1929 by Morris Suss, Town Food Service specializes equipment for cooking Asian-themed foods using classic and modern Pan-Asian techniques. Suss began during the Great Depression with a small sheet metal shop near New York City's Chinatown and supplied the restaurants there with equipment he fabricated. Today, Town Food Service still manufactures in Brooklyn, New York, but with a worldwide presence. Their product line includes Chinese Ranges with up to six chambers, Mongolian Barbecues, pig roasters, steamer & noodle ranges, rice cookers, and more. Choose Parts Town to get always genuine OEM Town Food Service replacement parts.

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  • Town Food Service 57130LP METAL PIN INSIDE HINGE
    • Fabricante: Town Food Service
    • N.° de pieza del fabricante: 57130LP
    • TWN57130LP
    • Cantidad disponible: 9
  • Town Food Service 57130ULC HINGE FOR COVER
    • Fabricante: Town Food Service
    • N.° de pieza del fabricante: 57130ULC
    • TWN57130ULC
    • Cantidad disponible: 1
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