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Pièces pour chariots, camions et caddies

Get your cart, truck & dollie parts from Parts Town’s extensive online collection.

Pièces pour chariots, camions et caddies

Cart, Truck & Dollie Replacement Parts

To keep your establishment running full speed ahead, you’ll need cart, truck and dollie parts on the off chance that equipment breaks down. When that happens, take a stroll through Parts Town’s impressive online catalog, featuring items, such as:

  • Plastic cart wheels
  • Replacement truck parts
  • Dolly replacement wheels
  • Dolly & cart handles

Whether you need replacement parts for carts or accessories and add-ons, work in the foodservice industry or hospitality, Parts Town can help you find what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time. Not only do we have the most in-stock parts catalog on the planet, but we only stock real OEM cart, truck & dollie replacement parts. Real OEM keeps your equipment running longer, smoother and more efficiently without accidentally voiding any manufacturer warranties.

Has your cart handle mysteriously disappeared? Or is the wheel no longer tracking right? Parts Town can get your carts, trucks and dollies gliding smoothly along within hours. How is that possible, you ask? That’s because we offer same-day shipping on all in-stock cart, truck and dollie parts as long as you order before 9 PM ET Monday-Friday.