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Doyon Oven Troubleshooting

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Picture - Doyon Oven Troubleshooting

Baking requires some of the best equipment, which is why Doyon is one of the top manufacturers in the foodservice industry. Their line of commercial ovens are used to evenly bake everything from breads to pizzas. In the rare case your unit isn't working, we have easy tips for troubleshooting a Doyon oven. That way you can get back to baking in no time.

Below are guidelines for popular models, including PIZ and Jet Air units.

Not Turning On

  • Doors not sealed shut – The doors on the oven might be cracked open. Make sure they're sealed shut. If there is a broken gasket or hinge keeping a door open, have those repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Check the unit's breakers – Open the front panel by removing the side panels of the oven and the proofer by unfastening the screws. If the unit's breakers aren't working, have them repaired or replaced by an authorized service technician.
  • Check the facility's breakers – See if the breakers in the building need to be reset.
  • Faulty motor breaker or overload relays – Check the motor breaker and overload relays in the electrical control panel. They might need to be repaired or replaced by an authorized service technician.

Not Heating

  • Low thermostat setting – If the oven blowers are on, check if the thermostat is at a temperature high enough to turn the pilot light on.
  • Disengaged overload relays – If the oven blowers aren't on, see if the overload relays in the control compartment are disengaged. If so, have them repaired or replaced by an authorized technician.


NOTE: The "OVERHEAT WARNING" light will turn on and the warning buzzer will sound.

  • Obstructed cooling fan – The airflow on the oven's cooling fan could be obstructed. Clear out the blockage and clean the surrounding area.
  • Broken cooling fan – See if the cooling fan is running. If not, have an authorized technician to replace the fan.
  • Malfunctioning unit – If neither issue above is the cause, the oven could be malfunctioning. Contact an authorized service technician to remedy the problem.

Not Steaming (If Applicable)

  • Oven not at 300°F – Make sure the oven is at 300°F before using the steam system. No steam will appear if it's not at this temperature.
  • Fan not running – Steam should be injected when the fan is running.
  • Water supply turned off – See if the building's water supply valve has been shut off. Open the valve.
  • Water needle valve off – Check that the unit's water needle valve is open one-eighth of a turn. Close the valve and reopen it one-eighth of a turn.
  • Faulty solenoid valve – The solenoid valve could be broken. Contact an authorized service technician to repair the issue.

Uneven Baking

  • Grills obstructing airflow – Adjust the grills properly so they don't block airflow. Using foil on the grills also will block airflow. Avoid using them.
  • Incorrect oven temperature – Calibrate your unit to see if the oven temperature matches the setting on the thermostat. With the unit on, place an oven thermometer inside to get a reading. If the temperatures don't match, contact an authorized technician to check the thermostat or sensors.
  • Fan not cycling properly – If food is baking too much on its sides, the fan might not be cycling properly. The motor should turn for 2.5 minutes in a direction, stop for 30 seconds and turn again for 2.5 minutes in the opposite direction. If this isn't happening, contact an authorize technician to repair.

Check out our library of Doyon manuals for more help troubleshooting your oven.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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