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Fournitures d'hôte et de serveur jetables

When you need server supplies like paper napkins and register roles, Parts Town has you covered with disposable products for every part of your business. Choose from a variety of fun items for guests including restaurant crayons and interactive placemats for kids. We also carry a range of host supplies like umbrella bags, coat check tickets and more. Check out our full selection for your restaurant, catering service or coffee shop.

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Disposable Server Supplies

Your checklist of host and server supplies can be hard to keep up with, but Parts Town is here to help ensure you stay supplied. Our selection of products includes:

  • Takeout Bags & Boxes
  • Disposable Placemats
  • Register Paper Rolls

Ensure you’re fully prepared from the moment the first customer walks in the door until the last one leaves with disposable server supplies. Parts Town can keep you supplied with a range of disposable placemats and paper napkins that make clean up simple. When customers get ready to pack up their leftovers, you’ll also need large and small takeout boxes as well as to-go cups and plastic straws.

We also carry a range of disposable host supplies, including umbrella bags for when the rain is coming down. Kids are sure to enjoy our selection of disposable bibs and restaurant crayons. Browse our register roles and guest check books as well.

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