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Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge with Our Commercial Water Usage & ConservationWebinar!

This commercial water webinar shares valuable tips and tools that you can use in your facility to make your kitchen equipment and ice machines run more efficiently, while saving you money. Everything you need to know about water filtration and conservation is explained by two industry experts from T&S Brass and Antunes.

Meet the Experts

Steve Pytiak, Product Manager, Antunes
Steve Pytlak
Product Manager, Antunes

Steve will offer a flood of information on factors that play a critical role in your water filtration needs.
Learn how these factors impact the decisions you make on the technologies needed to address your pain points.

Mike Orlando, Director of Sales, T&S Brass
Mike Orlando
Director of Sales-Foodservice, T&S Brass

Mike will tap into his expertise about water conservation to explain how conducting a water audit can provide incredible savings and create a positive impact to your bottom line. He will share specific case studies where small investments led to a meaningful long-term success.

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