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/ Parts Town News & Announcements / July 31

At Parts Town, we pride ourselves on providing friendly service that makes your job as easy as possible with the best customer experience available. Customer experience (CX) is so much more than just one interaction: Forbes says CX is the “cumulative impact of multiple touch points” over the course of a customer’s interaction with an organization.

We know many of our customers are busy working hard in commercial kitchens, which is why we work to save you time with a fast and positive CX. It’s why we keep the longest hours in the industry and pledge to answer in three rings or less. It’s why we have dedicated parts identification specialists who are just a call or click away.

“Customer experience is no longer just brick-and-mortar; it is moving towards the online channel, which leads to the digital customer experience. 1

Parts Town is also the leader in digital technology. We pioneered PartSPIN technology so you can view a part from all angles. Our Interactive Diagrams provide part ordering information right in the diagram of your equipment, and our Smart Manuals conveniently link to the parts so you don’t waste time searching. All these innovations are available on your computer as well as on your phone or tablet through the Parts Town app for iOS and Android.

With a vast digital library of manuals, technicians aren’t lugging milk crates of books or paging through to find what they need. We know you appreciate it when we save you time, and here’s just one client who noticed how much time was saved dealing with us:

“Website was easy to navigate and I found the part I needed. I liked being able to rotate the part and view all sides. Checkout was also easy and delivery of items were on time”

It’s an absolute joy for us to help our clients. There’s no better feeling than having a conversation with an engineer, technician, or owner/operator, and proving to them that we can save them time. We are proud to make a huge impact on your day-to-day role by making a once-burdensome task fast and easy. Parts Town wants you to achieve success daily, and we’ll help by providing the best CX in the industry.

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