3 Essential Convenience Store Design & Layout Tips

/ Convenience & Grocery Stores, Foodservice Tips / November 6

Essential Convenience Store Design and Layout Tips

From quick snacks to morning coffee, many people turn to convenience stores to grab essential items on the go. The layout of these stores not only helps customers find what they need, but it also enhances the experience, so people keep coming back. The good news? You don’t need to overthink it at all. Below are a few simple, convenience store design tips to modernize your floorplan.

NOTE: This article includes measures and designs to meet guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consult the latest health and government regulations in your area for proper guidance.

Create a Spacious Floorplan

Space is key in many contemporary c-stores, but the emphasis is even greater due to coronavirus regulations. Social distancing protocol typically requires at least 6 feet—or 2 arms’ length—between people. Remember this when setting up different stations, refrigeration units and checkout areas.

Your reach-in refrigerators and freezers should be placed on the back walls, and the checkout area should be toward the front. Any small stations with beverage dispensers, coffee machines, hot food holders or refrigerated grab-n-go cases should be off to the sides. With those flanked out left and right, your shelves with non-perishable items should go in the center. Try not to create long rows of shelves, so there is room for foot traffic, overflow from lines and special displays.

Make Signage a Priority

When customers walk into a convenience store, they typically want to grab their items quickly. Make this easier by posting signs that show where different items are located throughout the store. For instance, post signs that say “Soda,” “Water,” “Ice Cream,” “Ice,” etc. above the reach-in refrigerators and freezers. Also, consider using ceiling or pedestal signage by shelves and both food and beverage stations for easy navigation.

As mentioned earlier, space is very important. To ensure proper distancing, use signage in checkout or service lines. Start by adding floor decals that are 6 feet apart. Each decal should have messaging like “Please wait here” or “Stand here.” You can keep lines even more controlled by using floor tape or crowd-control stanchions to mark proper lines. Consider placing signs that indicate where the line starts.

Embrace Your Branding

Branding is crucial to any c-store. Your logo and marketing materials likely has specific colors and fonts, so incorporate that into your store. All signage posted throughout the store, whether it’s the refrigerated section or food and beverage stations, should use your branded font as well the primary and secondary colors. Any decor or wall art also should mirror your branding. For example, if you have logos with modern flair, opt for contemporary art. If they use darker colors, try for options that are more rustic.

Are you still deciding what types of colors to use for your brand? Remember that the color scheme can impact convenience store design. The palette you choose can create an illusion of large or small space. Typically, dark colors create a cozy atmosphere while lighter shades like green, blue or white create a feeling of open space.

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