Everything Old Is New Again - Recycled Trends In Food And Sports!

/ Industry History, Restaurant Tips / October 28

The city of Chicago, and indeed, the nation at large, has been whipped into a baseball frenzy by the post-season performance of the Cubs.

It’s been over seventy years since our hometown team had such a strong post-season performance, and it’s got us wondering – if the Cubs are back, could other hits from the 1940s be on deck to make a reappearance?

The 40s Trend: Food rationing – The Office of Price Administration introduced food rationing to the United States in 1942 to help distribute food supplies in shortages at war time.  It ended in 1947.

Today: Thankfully, we don’t face wartime shortages, but restaurants are trending toward a new mindfulness of portion sizes. Keeping servings smaller is beneficial to customers’ health and your budget! [https://www.thebalance.com/restaurant-portion-control-2888588]

The 40’s Trend: Minute Maid Orange Juice – The concentrate process was developed by government scientists in the mid-40’s and was pioneered as a retail product by Snow Drop in 1945.

Today: Juice blends provide fertile ground for the beverage industry’s top innovators. With an eye on vitamins and antioxidants, juice makers provide nutritious and delicious options. The classic orange hasn’t gone out of style in the past 70 years, but nowadays you’re more likely to see it blended with other flavors for a unique taste. [http://www.bevindustry.com/articles/89715-project-juice-pomegranate-orange]

The 40’s Trend: SPAM – The canned meat product became a staple of soldiers’ diets and caught on among civilians, both as a buffet option (fruit cocktail-SPAM loaf please!) and eventual punchline. The only thing more lasting than SPAM’s “indefinite” shelf life has been its popularity. To date, Hormel Foods has sold more than seven billion cans. {http://www.bonappetit.com/restaurants-travel/article/weird-food-trends-through-the-decades}

Today: For your non-perishable meat fix, you can’t beat beef jerky! Artisanal jerky took New York City by storm a few years back, and it’s still going strong. Like SPAM, it can be prepared to suit a wide variety of tastes, so consider trying your own recipe today. [http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/beef-jerky]

Step to the plate and take a swing at these retro trends, and let’s all cheer the Cubs on to victory!