8 New Foodservice & Restaurant Trends for 2024

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / December 19

Since last year, we’ve been noticing some major shifts in trends within the foodservice space. From exciting technological innovations to growing interest in sustainability and cost-effectiveness, 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for restaurant and foodservice. Take a look through 7 of the top restaurant and foodservice trends on the rise for 2024. 

1. Cooking Technology in Restaurants & Foodservice

Cooking technology is amping up in 2024 and is changing the status quo for commercial kitchens. Skip the gas or electric appliances and look to induction cooking for all your oven and cooktop needs. Don’t forget about air fryers; they are becoming the go-to countertop appliance for fast and multi-purpose equipment. 2024 is also a big year for award-winning appliances like the Merrychef ConneX and the Atosa Intelligent French Fry Robotic. These make cooking and frying processes easier and more productive for commercial kitchens. Last but not least is the next generation of smart appliances. More smart appliances are getting onto the market, making cooking intuitive and easier with this smart technology. If you’re eager to learn more about what’s around the corner for new advancements, then take a look at the latest 2024 foodservice technology trends on the horizon.

2. Allergy Alternatives for Commercial Kitchens & Restaurants

The foodservice industry is becoming more aware of ways to keep customers with food allergies safe while offering more options when dining in. From dairy-free items to nut substitutes and meat alternatives, there are multiple ways to adjust a menu for those with food sensitivities

3. Delivery vs. Takeout in Restaurants & FoodserviceRestaurant Worker Handing Takeout to Customer - Foodservice and Restaurant Trends 2024

When looking into foodservice trends, you’ll find a wide array of delivery options to consider for your restaurant. In today’s day and age, people prefer to eat at home and have their favorite foods delivered. Just between delivery and takeout incentives, you could be saving money on delivery services, equipment and more! Learn more about delivery vs. takeout in restaurants and foodservice to see which is more beneficial to your business.

4. Loyalty Programs Ideas to Consider

From QSRs and FSRs to fine-dining and coffee shops, loyalty programs are making a positive impact in the foodservice space. A recent Bain & Company study found that restaurant-based programs used to incentivize repeat business can drive 5% growth in customer retention and increase profit from 25% to 95%. This trend should continue in 2024 and beyond. Whether you’re looking to launch a new program or revitalize an existing one, these are just a few helpful ideas and tips for creating the proper loyalty program

5. AI and the future of Foodservice

A rising trend in many realms is artificial intelligence. AI is able to provide groundbreaking progress in the foodservice industry. It includes everything from automation for equipment and data reporting, carrying out important research on trends for content and menu planning, fulfilling orders and even automating cooking altogether. It’s important to be aware there are some present risks posed by this trend. If you wish to learn more about why AI is the future of the food industry, be sure to check out Parts Town’s article on AI trends in restaurants and foodservice.

6. Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Practices

Within the past few years, sustainability has become one of the fastest-growing trends within the foodservice industry. From ethically-sourcing ingredients to growing your own produce, restaurants have been adopting these eco-friendly methods within their commercial kitchens in order to reduce their impact on the planet. Since the importance of sustainability has become more well-known in recent years, many customers have come to appreciate and expect their favorite eateries to do their part for the planet. In turn, adopting sustainable practices in your commercial kitchen could have a significant draw to a larger customer base. Not only that, but integrating sustainable practices can be more cost-effective than traditional methods. It’s definitely worth taking a look into how sustainability can be incorporated within your business model in 2024.

7. Robotic Trends in Restaurants & FoodserviceRobotic Server in Restaurant - Foodservice and Restaurant Trends 2024

Pandemic. Labor shortage crisis. Robots. The cause and effects are clear, but what does this mean about the ever-evolving foodservice industry? The pandemic may have been the catalyst for robotic innovation and implementation in restaurants and fast food chains, but the automation in commercial kitchens is far from over. From food flippers and pizza makers to server bots and automated delivery, these are just the tip of the iceberg of robot restaurant automation trends to look out for in 2024.

8. Cost Control Measures in Restaurants & Foodservice

Given the current period of high inflation, many restaurants are trying to lower their expenses without negatively affecting their customers or employees. While some strategies like minimizing waste and adjusting portions are obvious, tracking food costs and consolidating suppliers are less so yet still very effective. Additionally, maintaining inventory carefully and measuring food precisely are subtle yet impactful strategies. When it comes to staff, improving employee retention and motivation while also preventing internal pilferage are also important. If you want to implement cost control measures in 2024, be sure to read our full-length guide.

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