"Go Ask Laura!" - 20 Years of Dedication

/ Culture of Parts Town / June 8, 2012

In my time at Parts Town, I’ve discovered a few catch phrases.

“Unique enthusiasm” is one – it’s printed on the wall as a gentle memory jog in case someone’s having an off day and forgetting to give 110%. Along the same lines, “go the extra mile” is an encouraging little pointer in how we ought to treat everyone who works with us – customers and suppliers and colleagues alike. Somewhat lesser known is the directive to “wear many different hats.” More than just advice on what to do about a bad dye job, this is a reminder to help out where you’re needed, whether or not it falls strictly within the parameters of your job description.

There’s another catch phrase that’s been even more useful to me during my years here – “Go ask Laura.”

Senior Operations Manager Laura Hugger is the guru, and she has enthusiasm in spades. In the time she’s been with Parts Town, she’s worn more different hats than Queen Elizabeth. From customer service and order entry to credits, warranty, and returns; from inventory management to UPS issues and expediting, Laura has done it all.

Perhaps that’s why she’s been presented on four occasions with the coveted Core Value Award. Then again, it could be because of her remarkable commitment to the company and her coworkers. “Go ask Laura –“ not only does she know the answer, but she’s willing to take the time to help.

Today we all celebrate Laura’s 20th anniversary with Parts Town and humbly acknowledge that none of us would be here without her.

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