Secret Ingredients - Guapo's

/ Foodservice Tips / September 17

The owners of Guapo’s speak to Parts Town:

What is the most popular item on your menu?

Our most popular menu item is fajitas. They are pound for pound the best fajitas in town!

What is it about your restaurant that keeps customers coming back?

We believe our guests are our family and we treat them that way. At Guapo’s, we do our best to make our clients feel at home. Not to mention the delicious food and drinks!

What one thing does every restaurant owner need to know to be successful?

Nobody takes care of your restaurant better that you do. A restaurant owner MUST be dedicated and consistent.

What is the toughest challenge your restaurant has faced?

We had just opened our Shirlington location on September 1, 2001. Ten days later our country suffered it’s biggest tragedy in history. Our lives and businesses changed forever.

What strategies have worked best for you on the Internet?

Our Facebook page and our website have been the best tools for us. It allows us to listen to the feedback of our guests and grow from it.

How has your relationship with Parts Town been?


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