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Need OEM Replacement Parts for Hobart Food Prep Equipment?

As an authorized distributor for Hobart, we give you access to thousands of food prep equipment parts, along with no minimum orders, speedy turnaround, value-added services.

We sell the PARTS & ACCESSORIES for Hobart mixers, slicers, food processors and specialty machines including salad dryers, potato peelers, and power drive units.


Choose High Quality Hobart OEM Parts

At Parts Town, we’re committed to genuine OEM parts engineered to exact equipment specifications to ensure form, fit, and function and keep Hobart equipment operating at peak performance.

Hobart OEM parts provide:


Because Hobart designs parts specifically to fit their equipment, OEM delivers the most uptime and maximum performance.


You never know when a small difference will have huge consequences. Faulty or out-of-spec generic parts can compromise machinery and lead to safety concerns for the operators. Keep your business and employees safe from an accident or injury.

Warranty Protection

OEMs offer comprehensive warranties with replacement and spare parts, providing more coverage and security. In contrast, most non-OEM parts carry a replacement-only warranty, which will not cover damage caused to other components in the system.

Energy Savings

Genuine OEM parts are designed and tested for exact equipment specifications, so the work more efficiently and have led to 50% savings in electricity costs.

Why Parts Town?


The reliability, longevity and safety that comes with genuine OEM parts.

The most in-stock parts on the planet, all available to ship same day.

Always Available

Critical and high-demand items backed by our guarantee to be in stock or they ship free.


The latest cutoff times in the industry.

Same day shipping until 9 PM ET Monday – Friday

Saturday shipping for online air orders until 4 PM ET

Customer Service

A dedicated team of Hobart customer service and Parts ID specialists available to assist via phone, text, email, and LiveChat.


We lead the way with the industry’s best innovations – saving you time and effort and getting you the information and parts you need fast.