Integrity - How Internal Core Values Affect the Customer Experience

/ Parts Town News & Announcements / March 2

Recently, Parts Town president Steve Snower issued employees a challenge to become more familiar with the core values of our company.  Toward that end, I’ve discussed each of the four values with various members of our team, and what I learned was intriguing – although we’re all working from the same basic understanding of what these words mean, we all have unique ideas about how they apply to Parts Town and how they can best be practiced.

When I think of integrity, I think of dedication to a code of moral guidelines.  I think of acting in the best interests of my teammates and our customers.  But what are the specific ways in which we can act with integrity?  I asked the various team leaders here at Parts Town for their thoughts on the subject.  They were only too eager to point out members of their team who set a standard for integrity that we should all strive to match.

Dan Giza, manager of the Wendy’s and Arby’s team, points to team member Lee Swanson as someone whose moral principles and professional standards are above reproach.  “Lee will always do what’s right for his customers and co-workers,” Dan says.  Cory LaPage has similar praise for Carol Collazzo: “She is always on time and ready to start her day before her scheduled start time, and will always offer to do whatever she can to help others.  I wish every department had a Carol!”

Laura Hugger says, “Lynn Mueller has firm principles and adheres to high professional standards.  Once she sets her mind to something, she will make sure it gets done the quickest and best way.”

Amy Argentine takes a slightly different point of view – “Matt Duffy is the most real person I have ever met, and always tells it like it is.  Even when he makes a mistake or doesn’t know something, he is the first to accept responsibility for his actions.”  Jeanne Chanthavong echoes the sentiment, with regard to her team as a whole.  “The entire team is honest with customers and each person takes responsibility when Parts Town is in error, which is very important in our industry.”

Scott Maki, meanwhile, highlights team member Patrick Sembach as an example of integrity.  “Patrick is detail oriented to the nth degree.  Documentation, follow-through, proactive process ideas – all done to take great care of his customers.”

The one thing each manager agreed on was the importance of doing one’s best for the customer.  This is the unifying principle that defines integrity as a core value of Parts Town.  It’s wonderful to see so many names highlighted as examples.  In-depth exploration of the remaining three values is yet to come, so stay tuned!

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