6 Quick Tips for Opening a Dining Patio

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / April 14

Outdoor Restaurant Patio - 6 Quick Tips for Opening a Dining Patio

As the weather warms up, the trend of outdoor dining kicks into high gear. In the summer, restaurants, bars, schools, offices and other commercial spaces open their patios for the season. Many guests love sitting outside to enjoy the scenery and fresh air while they eat, so incorporating an outdoor patio to your foodservice business’s concept can be a great way to add appeal and draw in customers. Below are some tips for opening or re-opening a dining patio at your establishment.

Keep Things Clean

Before opening or reopening your dining patio or outdoor space, give it some TLC by performing a deep clean. Sweep away any dead leaves or vegetation, take care of landscaping, hose off walkways or flooring and wash tables and chairs that have been stored outside.

Look at Climate Control Options

Take into account the weather patterns of your city. Still, providing cover over some or all of your outdoor tables is never a bad idea. Umbrellas will protect diners from sun and gentle rain, and an awning or permanent cover will keep your investment safe and dry during more intense weather conditions.

Good example: Big Star Restaurant – Chicago, IL

Choose the Right Furniture 

Restaurant Patio with Landscaping - 6 Quick Tips for Opening a Dining Patio

You want to balance durability, attractiveness, and comfort. Strong wicker makes a good choice, as it offers a relaxing place for guests to sit and can stand up against the elements.

Good example: The Rooftop Garden Restaurant – Los Angeles, CA

Make Your Patio Visible

One of the greatest benefits to having an outdoor patio is the chance to appeal to passersby. You can provide privacy and differentiate your space from the public thoroughfare with a small fence.

Good example: Rouge – Philadelphia, PA 

Get Outdoor Equipment Ready

If you have outdoor-specific foodservice equipment, now’s the time to begin restart tasks and preventative maintenance. Get your bottle coolers, griddles, ovens, drink machines and refrigerators cleaned and serviced so they’re up and running (and up to code) by opening.

Good example: Casa Florida – Miami, FL

Slant Towards the Street for Water Runoff

Your patio will be messy and possibly have to close if rainwater pools and floods the space. Building on a very slight grade will allow water to run off into the street and keep your seating area clear of puddles and debris.

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