5 Cinco De Mayo Restaurant Promotions to Bring in Diners

/ Restaurant Tips / April 20

Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. The holiday has grown in the US since the 1980s as more restaurants and beer companies began to promoting the day.  While May’s other big holiday, Mother’s Day, is one the busiest days in the restaurant business, Cinco de Mayo has become a popular occasion for dining out as well.

Many Mexican restaurants are packed with diners looking for delicious dishes and drinks to celebrate. But just because your restaurant isn’t a Mexican-themed place, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the holiday.  Here are some creative Cinco de Mayo restaurant promotions to bring customers to your establishment.

1. Create Cinco de Mayo Menu Ideas

Is there a better way to celebrate the holiday than to offer a special? There are plenty of places people can go tacos and nachos, so try to offer something outside of the norm. For instance, consider making authentic dishes like tostadas or tinga. Whatever you do, dig a little deeper to offer something people won’t get anywhere but your establishment.

2. Cinco, Cinco, Cinco

Cinco de Mayo restaurant deals are common at most placed. But why not add a little extra to your holiday promotion by tying the number five into your deals?  Offer special items for $5, or sell appetizers or drinks in multiples of five.  Be sure to market this when advertising your specials.

Margarita with Lime-Cinco de Mayo Restaurant

3. Make a Margarita Like No Other

Patrons on Cinco de Mayo are going to expect margaritas, and every  establishment will offer them.  Differentiate yourself from others by creating a special, one-of-a-kind margarita for the day.  Experiment and try exotic flavors that will be unique to your location.  Who knows? You might create an amazing concoction that will be an annual favorite.

4. Bring in Some Entertainment 

Diners are looking for an experience,  so make sure to offer one.  Bring in a mariachi band or DJ to play festive for guests.  Want to entice families?  How about a piñata for the kids?  Little touches like these can set your restaurant apart from others in your area.

5. Take It Outside 

By this time of year, people are tired of being indoors. Cinco de Mayo can help your restaurant enjoy  warmer weather by bringing the celebration outside.  If your location is in a high-foot traffic area you can offer easy-to-eat samples or tapas out on the patio to bring people in. Show passerbys that you’re celebrating the day by festively decorating your patio. Don’t forget to display all the specials we’ve talked about outside as well to entice diners.

Whatever Cinco de Mayo specials your restaurant offers, make sure to include all the info on social media. That means you should post captivating pictures and use the proper hashtags. Hopefully, these tips will help your restaurant bring in guests this year and for many more years to come.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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