4 Ways to Use Hashtags for Your Restaurant

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / June 22

4 Ways to Use Hashtags for Your Restaurant

Marketing your restaurant may seem like a daunting and expensive task, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve discussed how to harness the power of Instagram in your restaurant, but now we’ll expand upon one of those points: The hashtag.

Hashtags are social media’s search engine, helping users find posts by searching for or clicking on a hashtag. If you want your post to be picked up in searches for certain topics on Instagram, Twitter Facebook and even LinkedIn, you include a hashtag.

When used properly, a hashtag can increase your social presence and help market your restaurant for free. Here are four ways you should use hashtags for your restaurant.

Hashtag Your Food

You should be taking photos of your food and sharing them all over your social channels. If you want to increase the visibility on those posts, there are several hashtags you should be using that users use to look at food online:

  • #foodie

  • #foodporn

  • #foodstagram

These popular hashtags will ensure your food photos are seen by more people. Don’t forget to hashtag the type of food as well with hashtags such as #pizza, #cheeseburger, etc.

Hashtag Your Location

Now that people have seen your food, you want to ensure those close to you know that you are an option for them when choosing where to dine out. Be sure to hashtag your city (example: #Chicago and #ChicagoRestaurant) as well as #localfood to proudly show your neighbors you are close by and ready to feed them.

Hashtag Your Specials

Creating specials is nothing new in restaurants, but did you know you can tie your specials in with already popular hashtags? There are thousands of fun National Holidays that the masses are already using that you can take advantage of to create and market your specials.

  • July 6 – National Fried Chicken Day

  • July 10 – National Pina Colada Day

  • July 15 – National Ice Cream Day

Research these fun holidays at nationaldaycalendar.com and plan ahead. Then, be sure to use the hashtag when promoting your special.

National Fried Chicken Day Hashtag Tweet

Aside from the food holidays, there are other fun days, such as National Selfie Day and National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Create deals and specials around these days, and take advantage of trending hashtags that can bring customers into your restaurant. For example, July 15 is National Give Something Away Day AND National Ice Cream Day. Why not combine the two?

Restaurant Hashtag for National Ice Cream Day and Giveaway

Hashtag Your Fun

Do you have a band playing? Promote it with the hashtag #livemusic. Are you playing the World Cup on your bar TVs? Hashtag #WorldCup. You can also just encourage people looking to make weekend plans with the hashtags #FridayNight and #SaturdayNight. Encourage your customers to post their photos using the same hashtags you are using with signage in your restaurant and on your tables.

Hashtags are a great way to get your restaurant noticed on social media. Include hashtags and other social media tips in all your posts, and watch your restaurant’s social presence increase as new customers come in the door.


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