World Records In The Restaurant Industry

/ Industry History, News & Events / August 11

This month, world class competitors from around the globe gather to test the limits of the human body and, in many cases, set new records for what it can accomplish. In honor of their efforts, we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight some impressive record-setters in our own industry: Noodle Making. The land speed record for noodle making is held by Mr. Hiroshi Kuroda of Japan, who produced a remarkable 65,536 strings in one minute. Kuroda is the executive chef at Nasu Garden Outlet.... Read More

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Show Us Your Parts

/ News & Events / November 13

Parts Town is all about giving you fast, convenient ways to get the parts information you need. Now we bring you the latest innovation – image texting. It’s quick, easy, and painless. Snap a pic of the part you’re looking for using your smartphone and text it to Parts Town at 800-438-8898.... Read More

¡ habla español!

/ News & Events / November 10

¡ ahora está disponible en español! Con el fin de proporcionar un mejor servicio a nuestros clientes hispanohablantes, hemos traducido la totalidad de la página web al español. Ahora puedes beneficiarte de todas las grandes ventajas de en español o en inglés, como... Read More